The Ultimate Legionella Killer
& Multi-Application Disinfectant

The Proven Water Treatment for hot & cold water systems, tanks and pipework, spa/jacuzzi baths, water features, water softeners and other water systems
in domestic and commercial properties.
Kills bacteria including Legionella and E Coli.  Also kills viruses, algae, fungi and fungal spores.
Breaks down to water and oxygen with no toxic by-products.  No taste or odour.




































































SafeSol Multi-Application Disinfectant
SafeSol: Introduction
The modern ideal water biocide should be lethal to water pathogens like Legionella but also relatively safe to use.
Hydrogen Peroxide has been used for decades as a disinfectant but has not been taken seriously in this role because of its relatively poor biocidal properties.
It is now known that Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that with the addition of trace components can produce significant changes in the property of the chemical.
In the early 1980’s Dr Hummerbach, a German research chemist developed a silver catalysed, highly stabilised hydrogen peroxide which had dramatically increased disinfecting properties compared with standard hydrogen peroxide.
SafeSol is the UK product name for a silver catalysed, stabilised hydrogen peroxide which has been tested and applied in many commercial and industrial situations across the world, but is only now beginning to come of age.
This website presents some of the unique and interesting features of SafeSol, an eco friendly chemical that offers significant advantages in many different sectors.
SafeSol is a clear multi - component disinfectant with a hydrogen peroxide content of 50% and an ionic silver content of around 320 ppm. Around 8 other trace stabilising chemicals are added to the chemical to ensure that it has long-term stability. SafeSol is completely miscible with water in all proportions. SafeSol is a single component biocide. It does not require an activator. In other words the product supplied in the drum is the only product required for system disinfection.
Density 1.196 kg/m3  
Boiling Point 114°C at 1.013 bar  
Freezing Point -51°  
pH value 23  
Odour No odour  
Viscosity As water  
Foaming characteristics Does not foam  
Moistening Power As water SafeSol will not coat or stain
Corrosive properties
See Corrosive Information
Generally not corrosive to the common materials of construction at recommended use concentrations
SafeSol: Some of its many fields of application
Water Treatment Disinfection of:
  • reservoirs and pipelines
  • water storage tanks
  • water systems
  • multi-occupancy buildings by constant dosing
  • cooling towers
  • Ion exchange resin
  • RO membrane
  • Water System disinfectant
  • Laundry disinfectant
  • Hand disinfectant
  • General surface disinfectant
Leisure Sector
  • Treatment of outdoor swimming pools
  • Pool area foot treatment
  • Spa Bath & Hot Tub Treatment
In the Home
  • Water system disinfectant
  • Spa/Jacuzzi/whirlpool bath disinfectant
  • Water feature disinfectant
  • General surface disinfectant
Other applications include Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture.
SafeSol Germicidal Effect  
  • SafeSol is a true no gap disinfectant. It is effective against all bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi without exception.

  • It is highly effective against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, pathogens like Legionella, Salmonella, and Listeria, and all virus groups, sheathed or unsheathed.

  • It is effective against yeasts, spores and moulds.

  • SafeSol is effective against biofilms the adhesive ecosystem, which attaches itself to pipe and vessel walls.

  • SafeSol can be applied as a surface disinfectant and as a biocide in a water system. It is generally applied at a concentration of 1%-2% as a surface disinfectant to clean surfaces, and at a concentration of 2% -5% to dirty surfaces. The exact concentration will depend on application.

  • SafeSol is applied to water systems as a biocide at a concentration of 200ppm for disinfection and at a concentration of 10 –25ppm in a continuous dosing situation.

  • SafeSol can be used at a concentration of up to 50ppm (generally 20ppm) in aquaculture situations where there is a risk of fungal or bacterial attack on fish.

  • SafeSol’s main attributes are that it is very stable (up to 950 C), environmentally acceptable in that it breaks down to water and oxygen, and destroys and removes biofilm.

For many years there has been a move towards more environmentally acceptable biocides and disinfectants. Hydrogen Peroxide has been used
as a disinfectant, in situations where there has been no suitable alternative. While hydrogen peroxide is a relatively poor disinfectant SafeSol offers considerably improved disinfecting properties while retaining all the environmental advantages.


SafeSol : Summary of main Attributes

  • Universal Disinfectant - It kills everything

  • Environmentally friendly - The breakdown products are water and oxygen

  • Stability - SafeSol will remain in the water until it meets an organic or microbiological challenge. It is stable at Calorifier temperatures.

  • Combats Biofilm - Removes and destroys the adhesive film where pathogens hide.

  • Easy to handle - Dilute solutions (less than 6% SafeSol) need no special handling precautions.

  • Ideal for Constant Dosing applications.

  • Cost Efficient - SafeSol's stability and eco friendliness can save time and chemicals.

  • Fully effective in salt water, fresh water and on surfaces.

  • Only minimally affected by water contaminants e.g. organics and ammonia.

  • East to dose. detect (simple strips), monitor (Checkit block or colorimeter)

  • Monitor on line using an amperometric monitor.

Efficacy Test Results
Bacteria Efficact Log Reduction Conc(%) Time Minutes Protein
escherichia coli 6 2 60 0
  5.2 2 60 0.2
clavibacter michiganensis 1.1 5 5 0
  3 5 5 0
xanthomonas campestris >5.8 5 5 0
staphylococcus aureus >5.4 5 5 0
  >5.8 5 5 0
streptococcus faecium >5.8 5 5 0.03
pseudomonas aruginosa 6.1 5 5 0.03
mycobacterium terrae 3.0 5 5 0.03
proteus mirabilis >5.9 5 5 0.03
legionella (sero type 1) >5.1 100ppm 24 hour test 0
  >5.1 200pm 24 hour test 0
  >6.6 2 5 0
  >6.6 2 60 0
  >6.6 2 24 hour test 0
  >7 200 10 0
aeromonas hydrophyla >6 3 5 0.03
  >6 3 5 1
  >6 6 5 0.03
salmonella entridides >6 6 5 0.03
  4 3 5 1
  <2.4 3 5 1
  >6.8 6 5 0.03
lactobactillus brevis 5.0 6 5 1
lactobactilus lindreri >6 3 3 0.03
piococcus dannossus >6 0.5 10 0
escherechia coli >6 0.5 10 0
  >6 0.5 10 0
pseudomonas spec. >6 0.5 10 0
Virus SafeSol Efficacy (log reduction) Conc (%) Time (min) protein
paprika mozaik 3 5 5 120
Fungi and Spores SafeSol Efficacy (log reduction) Con (%) Time (min) protein
fusarium oxysporum >5.4 5 5 0
Aspergillus fumigatus bacillus subtilis var niger >5.2 5 5 0.03
Yeast SafeSol Efficacy (log reduction) Con (%) Time (min) protein
candida albicans >5.1 5 5 o.03
  >5.6 2 60 0
  5 5 5 0
  4.6 30 5 0.03
accharomyces uvarum >6 0.5 10 0
pichia membraneaefaciens >6 0.5 10 0
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