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“EndoTherm was installed into a low-secure inpatient service in South Wales. Within days the temperature in the home had noticeably increased… our maintenance department had to lower the setting on the boiler to compensate! At the end of the month our gas consumption was 15.6% lower than the same month last year!”

“We use EndoSan3 for tank disinfection. The product is good quality and safe for home use. The service I received from SAFESOL is first class and I normally receive my order the next day. I’d definitely recommend SAFESOL and their products.”

“We use SAFESOL for all of our cold water storage tank disinfections. It’s an important part of our legionella control programme as EndaSan kills legionella bacteria and helps to remove biofilm where bacteria can breed unchecked. And our in-house maintenance team has been trained by SAFESOL to carry out the disinfection work, meaning no external contractor costs.”

“My average gas bill has gone down from £102 to £75 per month since EndoTherm was installed. It’s amazing how something so simple has made such a difference!”

“The trial of EndoTherm at our head office has demonstrated a saving of 33% compared with the same period last year! Consideration is now being given to implementing this technology into a larger site such as a Town Hall.”

“The trials with EndoTherm in our boilers have been very impressive. We’ve noted less circulating noise and better conductivity. We’ll install EndoTherm into any central heating systems we install in the future.”

“Just a wee note to tell you how much easier our hot tub life is now that we’re using EndoSan!  Gone is the need to use chlorine – shock! –  Ph+ and Ph – etc etc… and the complication of getting the water balance right. I would hate to return to the old regime. Also our skin feels so much softer when we come out the tub!”

“We use EndoSan3 as a safe and effective means of disinfecting the water tanks and pipework we install. It’s safe for both the operator and the end user. The 1ltr containers are easy to store and transport, and deliveries are always on time.”

“We use EndoSan50 and the constant dose equipment – I’m greatly impressed with this method of controlling legionella. Apart from making the water completely safe from bacteria, there’s been a savings in our gas usage due to being able to reduce the water temperature.” 

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