EndoTherm was created back in 2010 in partnership between EndoEnterprises and SAFESOL.
It’s specifically designed for water fed central heating systems and it’s one of the cleverest of our clever little chemicals!

FACT: EndoTherm reduces central heating bills by an average of 15%.

EndoTherm ensures your central heating system heat up quicker and stay hot longer… meaning that it uses less energy. It’s that simple; but then, the best ideas usually are.

One giant leap for ending fuel poverty

For the term ‘Fuel Poverty’ to even exist in a first world country, is shameful.
Whilst the Government is trying to figure out what to do about it; we’ve created EndoTherm.
Simply added into an individual radiator – and that’s it.
It sits there and saves you lots of money because it will reduce your energy bills.


Chartered Institute Building Services Engineers says we’re innovation winners.

We say that, with a product like EndoTherm, everyone wins.
Installation is easy, clean, quick and safe. You or your plumber can install EndoTherm in 30 minutes.
EndoTherm has saved tens of £1000 for customers all over the UK because it has cut their energy bills.
Large company buildings and small domestic homes feel the temperature benefit immediately and the financial benefit as soon as the next bill comes round.
For more information on how to keep warm and save money, contact SAFESOL any time.

Its easy to get in touch please phone on 0191 447 8008, via email info@safesol.co.uk or through our contact page .

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