EndoSan 5: The Spa Disinfectant

As the weather gets nicer, our ways of relaxing do too!
Swimming, spas, garden hot tubs – after months of downtime, these lovely seasonal pastimes will need a little spruce up before they get used again.

Disinfect your spa with EndoSan5 after the winter season

One of the easiest ways for legionella to multiply is via stagnant and disused water systems.
• Private Swimming pools left unused for any significant length of time
• Spas and hot tubs left with remnants of water in pipe works
Always be over-cautious rather than under-cautious.

As you spruce up your hotel, leisure centre or private pool for the summer months, let SAFESOL help you give your water activities the once-over.
EndoSan 5 (based on HuwaSan technology) is the most effective disinfectant used by the hospitality and leisure industry today.
It’s been developed specifically for spas, hot tubs and swimming pools, so it’s totally fit-for-purpose.

EndoSan5 is the safest and easier disinfectant to use because:

• It’s effective over a wide pH and temperature range
• It’s kind to skin and eyes
• It breaks down into oxygen and water
• It’s alcohol and chlorine free
• It’s a single chemical
• There’s no requirement for pH adjustment and measurement

EndoSan5 effectively disinfects because:

• Legionella is killed along with water borne bacteria, fungi and algae
• It destroys amoebae where legionella can breed unchallenged
• It removes biofilm from inside pipe work, therefore reducing maintenance

EndoSan5 is a better bathing experience because:

• It’s kind to skin and eyes
• It has no unhealthy by-products such as *trihalomethanes (THM)
• It isn’t smelly, like chlorine
* Trihalomethanes (THM) are a group of chemicals formed when disinfectants such as chlorine are used to control microbial contaminants in water. They react with naturally occurring matter in the water, resulting in environmental pollution and many professionals also consider them to have carcinogenic properties.

EndoSan5 is a very simple solution, to a complex problem.

Just give SAFESOL a call ON 0191 447 8008, or email via info@safesol.co.uk, or alternatively through our contact page

EndoSan5 is the perfect start to your summer season

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