Go on enjoy a relaxing spa this summer

The summer months are here and the weather’s getting warmer. It is now the perfect time to clean and fill up those neglected pools and abandoned spas and hot tubs.

But here’s a fact for you before you top up with lovely, clean water and dive in – when you move out of your pool, hot tub or spa for the winter months… unfortunately bacteria move in.
It’s nothing you’ve done wrong; it’s just the way it is.
Here’s what happens whilst you’re away for the winter…

How does legionella end up in your pool, hot tub or spas?

Stagnant water left standing for a long period of time becomes the perfect breeding ground for legionella bacteria. This water is in the pool itself or hidden deep within the piping. Therefore if you top up your pool without disinfecting first, the stagnant water and the legionella are circulated round your water system.

Prevention is better than cure

Using EndoSan to disinfect your water systems kills legionella bacteria and also eliminates the conditions needed for legionella to take hold again – leaving your water safe to enjoy.
EndoSan, based on Huwa-San, silver hydrogen peroxide, is THE most effective disinfectant used to prevent the spread of legionella, and is already being used by hundreds of International companies in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Why use EndoSan over Chlorine?

Chlorine is a cheaper solution, but the longer term cost is great. Chlorine can corrode the internal workings of your pool, spa or hot tub AND it irritates your clients! It also causes stinging eyes, dehydration to the skin and hair, and breathing issues.
EndoSan is a more expensive solution, however it has no adverse effects on the system. It protects or on the people who use the facilities. Simple as that! In addition to that is great for wooden spa and hot tubs as it is kind to wood.

Hotels using EndoSan in their spas, see an increase in footfall. Always.

So which is best for me?

Within the EndoSan collection there are many disinfectant products. Depending on your situation there will be an EndoSan disinfectant which is most suitable for your needs.

The way we advise which EndoSan to use is basically based on economies of scale. A smaller body of water will use a low-concentrate EndoSan5 whereas a larger body of water will use the more high-concentrate EndoSan50.

For domestic customers, use EndoSan5

EndoSan5 is most appropriately used to disinfectant private or smaller businesses with water facilities.
If you are disinfecting your pool, hot tub or spa, this is the correct disinfectant for you.

For commercial customers, use EndoSan50

EndoSan50 is most appropriately used to disinfectant a larger system of water, mainly for industrial purposes such as disinfecting water systems in airports, train stations or hotels.

Help is at hand

SAFESOL isn’t just a shop selling disinfection chemical solutions, we’re the chemists who actually create the solutions. If you’re not sure which EndoSan product is suitable for you, SAEFSOL is only a phone call away.

Contact SAFESOL on 0191 447 8008, or via info@safesol.co.uk or through our contact page

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