Constant Dosing with EndoSan (HuwaSan technology)

SAFESOL’s specially designed constant dosing system releases a consistent, proportionate amount of the EndoSan chemical into your water system, which will ensure water purity. It’s an alternative method of disinfection and Legionella control. It can also replace temperature control in certain circumstances.

Moreover constant dosing is an easy, clever, low-maintenance way to keep your water supply clean, safe and moreover legionella free. 24/7.

And in the summer months… constant dosing really comes into its own!

During the summer, your underground cold water pipes can reach up to 30oc… which creates the perfect living conditions for legionella!
Legionella lives and breeds between 20oc and 40oc. This means that there’s only one solution – to effectively keep your underground cold water healthy, you need to use constant dosing.

Doesn’t my water supplier make sure my water is safe?

Your water supplier must supply cold water at 25oc, not 20oc, therefore they don’t legally have to supply water within the safe temperature zone. Scary eh?
This then leaves it down to you to protect your water system.

The benefits of constant dosing with EndoSan

Once you’ve installed your constant dosing system, it does all the hard work for you.
But, more than anything, constant dosing with EndoSan (HuwaSan technology) also helps with compliance, safety and savings.

Benefits of Constant Dosing with EndoSan.


1) COMPLIANCE: EndoSan constant dosing is now used alongside temperature control as a highly effective method of legionella control in hospitals.
2) COMPLIANCE: hydrogen peroxide stabilised with silver is HSE approved… and EndoSan is THE most effective silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide on the market.
3) COMPLIANCE: EndoSan has the lowest level of silver of all the SSHP, 10ppb,  at constant dose rates. This sits WELL within the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.
4) COMPLIANCE: EndoSan is used in Canada as a secondary disinfection for drinking water.
5) COMPLIANCE: EndoSan has NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approval and it’s the only silver hydrogen peroxide product to achieve this!


6) HEALTH: EndoSan as a water disinfectant does not produce nasty by-products such as Trihalomethane in comparison to chlorine.


7) SAVINGS: because EndoSan prevents Legionella, stored hot water temperatures no longer have to be kept above 60oc (except in hospitals).
8) SAVINGS: EndoSan as a water disinfectant does not corrode or damage pipework… unlike Chlorine and chlorine dioxide.
9) SAVINGS: EndoSan disinfection which means you can reduce hot water below 60oc & still kill Legionella. Saving 1% per 1oc on bills!
10) SAVINGS: EndoSan constant dosing systems cost far less than a chlorine dioxide constant dosing systems which means a reduction in capital costs.


11) SAFETY: removes biofilm from your tank and pipework which means that you can shock dose very dirty tanks, then constant dose.
12) SAFETY: a small, consistent dose of EndoSan keeps your water system ’topped up’ resulting in clean, fresh water and no Legionella.
13) SAFETY: in the summer, the water in your roof tank can heat up into the Legionella breeding range, 20-40oc. Constant dosing protects against this.
14) SAFETY: in the summer months, ground water naturally warms up and EnodSan keeps it Legionella free and safe to drink.

15) SAFETY: EndoSan breaks down into oxygen and water as a result it is more environmentally friendly option.
16) SAFETY: if your water system has a history of Legionella, EndoSan blasts and eradicates the problem.
17) SAFETY: EndoSan is a single chemical, which means it is safer to use than chlorine dioxide.
18) PROOF: there are over 200 sites in the UK using EndoSan constant dosing. These include airports, hotels, the NHS, schools and care homes.
19) PROOF: EndoSan constant dosing has been shown to be more effective than chlorine dioxide constant dosing.

20) SAFESOL: you make one phone call and SAFESOL will help with the rest.

If you have any questions or want to find out more on constant dosing please call SAFESOL on 0191 447 8008, or email, or through our contact page


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