Biofilms form when a bacterium sticks to a surface in an aqueous environment – like the inside of a water tank, the inside of central heating pipework, filters and drainage systems in swimming pools, the grout in swimming pools… and so on.
It is actually quite amazing; it’s a complex mixture of bacteria that excretes a sticky substance which, in turn, offers the bacteria protection, shelter and a breeding ground.
The Biofilm that stays where it grows, causes pipe blockages – it also can break off and float away, spreading particles and bacteria to other parts of your system.

The stages of biofilm growth

1) Attachment: a biofilm starts to form on the inside of a pipe’s surface, when free floating bacteria can attach themselves to the pipe wall by weak, reversible adhesion.
2) Adhesion: if the bacteria aren’t immediately removed, they have the time to anchor themselves more permanently by secreting polysaccharides.
3) Aggregation: bacteria then grow quickly in columns from this base layer.
4) Growth: the columns allow free access for the water salts, suspended material and iron. This allows oxygen and water through the biofilm and further growth occurs.
5) Detachment: Biofilm grows to a certain level and then larger parts detach and float away into other parts of the system.

Picture showing the removal of biofilm from a water system

How do I get rid of biofilm?

The only satisfactory answer to this is… use EndoSan.
Trials carried out by Siemens found EndoSan (Huwa-San) to be the most effective biofilm remover out of all of its competitors – including other silver hydrogen peroxides, chlorine dioxide and chlorine.
Disinfecting your water systems and pipes using EndoSan. It removes biofilm and kills Legionella, leaving your water safe for washing, swimming and drinking.

Clean water from a shower

Keeping yourself, your home and the environment safe, clean and healthy… is easy with SAFESOL and EndoSan.
If you call SAFESOL we’ll help you work out which EndoSan product is right for you:

EndoSan3: perfect for domestic water systems.
EndoSan20: perfect for medium sized water systems such as small care homes, guest houses and large domestic properties.
EndoSan50: perfect for larger water systems such as hotels, large care homes, hospitals, airports etc.
EndoSan5: perfect for small pools, single spas and hot tubs.
Constant Dosing: perfect for long term disinfection for larger, commercial properties.

Please contact us- at SAFESOL we want to help you.

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