Disinfection isn’t simply about removing infection it’s about preventing it too.
Prevention is quicker, safer and cheaper.

Why is EndoSan disinfectant so powerful?

It’s broad spectrum
EndoSan disinfectant  is effective against a large variety of organisms, making it one of the most wide-ranging and versatile disinfectants available.

It’s Silver Stabilised H2O2
EndoSan is a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide, stabilised using ionic silver. The stabilistion process is unique to EndoSan, making it powerful and long-lasting.

It’s versatile
When applied to water, air or any surface, EndoSan disinfectant works effectively through an oxidisation process. EndoSan is great for where tanks, such as train tanks, which cannot be accessed, as well on-line where tanks are in 24 hour use. By removing all the lingering bacteria and biofilm in your water system, this allows it to be one of the safest disinfection products on the market as well as being more effective then chlorine.

It’s gentle

EndoSan disinfectant is chlorine and alcohol free, with no corrosive effect on any material used in the construction of tanks and pipework (at disinfection levels). After use, it harmlessly degrades into water and oxygen, before dispersing. This means you can use EndoSan forever without damaging your water system.

EndoSan is for domestic and commercial clients: Domestic homes, Care Homes, Landlords, Councils, Hospitality, Transport Centres, to name but a few.

Anyone can use EndoSan because we make it in different strengths for use in different sized systems.

EndoSan3 now HuwaSan TR3

EndoSan3 is our lowest concentration EndoSan product and is ideal for domestic use. Used to disinfect showers, water tanks or water systems throughout your home or small care home, for example. EndoSan3, also available in a spray for easy use and surface disinfection, is the most effective way to make sure your water is clean and safe.

EndoSan5 now Spa Pool 

With a slightly higher concentration than EndoSan3, EndoSan5 is perfect for disinfecting private or small business with hot tubs, spas, or swimming pools, leaving them safe for you to enjoy.

EndoSan20 now HuwaSan TR20

EndoSan20 is the perfect product to disinfect commercial water systems. By removing all legionella and other nasty bacteria, EndoSan20 keeps larger water supplies safe for everyone.

EndoSan50 now HuwaSan TR50

Think of EndoSan50 as the king of EndoSan. Suitable for disinfecting large water systems with its high concentration, EndoSan50 is used in airports and train stations, hotels, hospitals, offices and schools.

But remember, we’re not just a provider of products, we’re advisors too. Finding the right EndoSan/HuwaSan product for you is important to us, so please contact us anytime for advice.

We love to here from our customers so please contact us by phone on 0191 447 8008, via email info@safesol.co.uk or using our contact page.

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