EndoSan silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide


EndoSan silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide (based on HuwaSan) was developed over 40 years ago by German scientist Hungerbach. It is based on food grade hydrogen peroxide stabilised with a very  low level of ionic silver. This level of silver is 320ppm. EndoSan based on HuwaSan technology uses the lowest amount of silver in the stabilisation process than any of the other SSHPs. There are multiple use for EndoSan including water disinfection (shock and constant dosing), surface disinfection and fogging.


Hydrogen peroxide without silver is used as a water disinfectant because of its much less harmful to the environment than chlorine based products. Also the fact that it has no taste, taint or smell at normal use concentrations makes it an ideal disinfectant. However, bacteria  are extremely smart and can easily break down hydrogen peroxide. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide, without silver, bacteria produce catalyses. This quickly breaks down the hydrogen peroxide to oxygen and water. Therefore hydrogen peroxide, without silver, will not kill the bacteria present.

However, when hydrogen peroxide is stabilised with silver the silver ions will inhibit the bacterial growth. This means the hydrogen peroxide will penetrate the bacteria present and kill them.The mechanism is still unsure but it is thought that the silver ion binds to the thiol (-SH) groups on the surface of the bacterial cell wall which causes the deactivation of enzymes.


EndoSan (based on HuwaSan technology), silver hydrogen peroxide, is an excellent biofilm remover. I do a lot of disinfection work and watch EndoSan turn water to sludge as biofilm is removed from cisterns and pipework. This ensures that the water system is cleaner.  There have also been laboratory tests carried out by Stephen Liss that back up the practical disinfection work. The removal of the biofilm helps to ensure that pipework is kept legionella free.


EndoSan is the most stable hydrogen peroxide in the market place which makes it a great disinfectant for legionella control. It has been used for over 15 years in the UK for successfully disinfecting tanks and pipework. It is also used as a constant dose chemical- either as a back-up to or instead of temperature control. The HSE have advised that silver hydrogen peroxide can be used for constant dosing in HSG 274 Part 2. As a result, hot water temperatures can be reduced which provides energy savings. Please note kitchen and laundry calorifier temperatures should not be reduced.


EndoSan is a  multipurpose disinfectant and has several uses including:

  1. Spa disinfection as it easy to dose without pH correction.
  2. Surface disinfectant, a 3% solution, left on a surface for 15 minutes will kill  bacteria. This is used for disinfection in hospitals, laboratories, and the agricultural industry.
  3. EndoSan is also used for fogging. It is  successfully used for decontaminating a hotels following an outbreaks of Noro Virus.

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