SafeSol are always looking to bring their customers more environmentally friendly chemicals that are free from chlorine and alcohol. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide seems like an obvious choice for a multipurpose, household disinfectant.
Hydrogen peroxide is a great all round bathroom and kitchen cleaner. We love the fact that it does not smell and there is no colour in this product. We have tried and tested it in a variety of situations. When you spray hydrogen peroxide you can actually see it work. It bubbles and effervesces as it gets to work making your home a safer, cleaner environment.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is very pale blue in colour. It has the chemical formula H2O2 which is similar to water but with an extra oxygen. It benefits are that it breaks down to eco-friendly oxygen and water, does not form chlorinated by produces and has no taint or smell unlike other household cleaners. Hydrogen peroxide was first obtained as a product in 1894 almost 80 years after its discovery by Richard Wolfenstein.

Hydrogen Peroxide Properties

Antibacterial- Hydrogen Peroxide kills bacteria by destroying their cell walls
Anti-fungal which makes it ideal for cleaning and also for treating fungal infections such as athlete’s foot
Anti-viral: So suitable for tackling viruses such as flu.
Kills mould and mildew- The effervescent nature of hydrogen peroxide makes it more effective than chlorine bleach for killing mould on porous surfaces.

Kitchen Cleaning

SafeSol’s 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner is perfect for cleaning your kitchen. Trade all your kitchen cleaners in for a single, simple to use kitchen product. It will keep your kitchen sparkling from ceiling to floor. We have a few handy uses below that you can put to use. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner come in 1 litres, 2.5litres and 5 litres. If you wish to use as a spray decant into an opaque bottle so that the light does not break down the peroxide.

Surface and Chopping Board Cleaning

For cleaning work surfaces 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner is ideal. There is no need to dilute. Simple spray onto surfaces and leave to air dry and then wipe with a soft cloth. It can also be used for chopping boards, as it is a mild cleaner. It is even suitable for wooden boards- wipe down with 3% peroxide, wash with warm water, then lubricate with some olive oil. Don’t forget your fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers: spray appliances inside and out, leave to work on grime and dirt that may be present and then wipe clean and washing machines This won’t taint or contaminate food. It is also ideal for cleaning door seals of washing machines, preventing them going smelly and black.

Making Glass Sparkly

Again, simply spritz mirrors and glass work tops with 3% peroxide, leave to react for around 5 minutes and polish to a shine with a soft cloth.

Sponges, cloths and towels

Sponges, cloths, and towels are ideal places for bacteria to breed. When we wipe down surfaces bits of foods and dirt get into the material and no matter how much rinsing that we do we just can’t get rid of them. These is nothing worse than a stinky and smelly cloth in your kitchen. Best way to use the hydrogen peroxide, in this case, is to soak the sponges, cloths and towels in a solution that is one part 3% peroxide and 1 part water for at least half an hour then put them through a normal wash. This will eliminate bad odours and remove discolouration.

Peroxide video from Vicki Wilson on Vimeo.

Floor Cleaning

To bring back the sparkle to tired and dulled floor tiles simply add 150ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner to 5 litres of water and wash the floor as normal. Clean your mop at the end by soaking in a 1:1 solution of 3% peroxide and water.

Recycling Food Bags

If you are trying to recycle more and stop single use plastic, then this is a great tip. Either fill a bowl with 3% hydrogen peroxide or pour the peroxide into your zip lock bag, leave for 10 minutes then wash out as normal.

Food Washing

Removing bacteria and germs from food will help them to keep longer. For fruit and veg fill a basin full of water and add 50ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner and wash your fruit and veg. For fish and meat, the product should be used neat for washing.


Peroxide can brighten whites- simply add 200ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to your washing machine. This will not only brighten whites but leave washing machine smelling sweeter. For tougher stains soak clothes in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for up to 10 minutes before washing. Blood can be removed by applying 3% Hydrogen Peroxide- repeat application until the stain is gone.

Bathroom Brilliance

We all know that bathrooms are a haven for germs: they lurk under toilet bowl rims; on toilet brushes; on grout; in the shower drain and down the plug hole. SafeSol’s 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner really comes into it own for bathroom cleaning. This single product used by itself or with other household products can tackle all these issues and more.

Clearing Shower Drains

Pour 3 % hydrogen peroxide down the shower or wash hand basin drain with baking soda and leave to react in the drain for half an hour. After this time pour some vinegar down the drain to clear the blockage. Repeat until your drain is clear. Your drain will be left cleaner and smelling sweeter.

Sanitise your brushes

Neat 3% hydrogen peroxide is perfect for cleaning toothbrushes: simply pour 3% Hydrogen Peroxide multipurpose cleaner into a cup and submerge your toothbrush into it. Then rinse before use.

Cleaning toilet brushes is the exact same method except pour the peroxide over the brush into the container that it sits in.


Gorgeous Grout

Over time grout begins to look tired and dirty so why not give it a lift using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking powder? Simply mix hydrogen peroxide and baking powder, apply to your grout and leave for 20 minutes then use a brush to clean the grout. The results are amazing white and bright grout once again.

Spritz those Shower Curtains

Shower curtain become mouldy and unsightly over time. Simply spray you shower curtain with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner after every to help prevent mould formation.

Generally Cleaning

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner can be used to wipe down surfaces and keep mirrors shiny. Simply spray on, leave to air dry and polish with a soft cloth.

One final tip for today

Spray your plants with a dilute solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide to help keep them clean and healthy. Make a spray containing 30ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in 1 litre of water and mist your plants. This will help ward of fungus

As you can see hydrogen peroxide has a huge variety of uses and is a great all round disinfectant for around the home. Say no to chlorine based products and use this great environmentally friendly multipurpose cleaner.

Buy 3% Hydrogen Peroxide multipurpose cleaner from SafeSol today!