Returning to Work Legionella Control

How safe is your water system?

The rush to get into lockdown in March, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, has potentially created other health and safety issues. As a result of people home working buildings have been left unoccupied and the water systems unused or underused. This lack of use will lead to water stagnation which coupled with our lovely, warm, weather will have created the perfect conditions for legionella growth  Bacteria love to be warm, sheltered and have a food source. This legionella growth will have occurred in both the biofilm and the body of the water.

It is important to disinfected water systems prior to staff returning to work to ensure that the water is safe and legionella free.

The Answer:

Huwa-San, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide is the solution. Huwa-San has been proven kill legionella bacteria and remove biofilm from water systems. It is a simple and easy to use chemical and can be applied to tank and mains fed water systems.

Benefits over a chlorine clean include

  • Biofilm Removal: It will remove biofilm where the majority of bacteria, including legionella, can breed.
  • It safer: Breakdown products are oxygen and water
  •  Huwa-San  is kind to pipework and will not cause corrosion.
  • No neutralisation is required. Hydrogen peroxide will have a positive effect on the sewage system.

SafeSol have worked with Huwa-San for over 20 years and have more than 75 years experience in water treatment. We are happy to help with any queries and provide technical support .

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