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SAFESOL – The Clever Little Chemicals Company

SAFESOL doesn’t just ‘keep up’… we lead.
SAFESOL doesn’t just ‘apply the rules’’… we make them. 

SAFESOL are leading providers of water disinfectants and water system descalers.
The size of the system will dictate the concentration level of disinfectant used. And the legionella history of the system will dictate whether a one-off annual treatment or a constant dosing will be needed.
SAFESOL help all customers make exactly the right choice for them.

SAFESOL helps you to save time, save money and save the environment. 

Save time: by using exactly the right chemical first time, every time; you reduce the need for re-treating or re-cleaning water supplies. For example, disinfecting with EndoSan means you don’t have to neutralise with sodium thiosulphate.
Save money: our products get the most from your water systems, so you get the most from them too. For example, EndoTherm saves residential customers an average of 15% on their annual central heating bills.
Save the environment: we don’t just sell industry compliant chemicals, we actually create better alternatives. This is how SAFESOL – and our clients – constantly contribute to protecting our environment. 

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Meet Bob Wilson

You probably won’t know this but… in 2005, Bob provided the UK with a solution to legionella bacteria in our water systems.
You probably won’t know this either but… in 2014, Bob invented an additive for Central Heating systems which saves the average household 15% on their annual heating bills.
In the past 40 years, Bob’s saved millions of pounds, for millions of people across the UK.
That’s really all you need to know about Bob!
Apart from the fact that his business, SAFESOL, is nationally renowned. It’s a highly conscientious company, with a family feel – that’s very important to both Bob and Vicki

Meet Vicki Wilson

Vicki and Bob Wilson on the SAFESOL stand

Vicki and Bob Wilson on the SAFESOL North East Expo Stand 2016!

Just like her dad, Bob, Vicki also boasts a Chemistry Degree, but it’s what the Wilson’s do with this knowledge that makes SAFESOL so special.
Vicki’s not only dedicated to providing the very best solutions today; but also innovating better solutions tomorrow.
When you call SAFESOL, you’ll probably speak to Vicki, meaning that, straight away, you’re talking to an expert who can certainly help you. 

We answer every question asked by our customers and then add it to the FAQs page. If you have a question that's not already here, just ask Vicki.

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