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Disinfectants and biocides

Kills legionella and removes biofilm

EndoSan, silver hydrogen peroxide is great for water disinfection of your systems

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Central Heating Chemicals

Reducing your heating costs, saving you money and lowering carbon dioxide emissions

Endotherm, central heating additive, decreases surface tension in water.

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Constant Dose Chemicals

Constant dosing ensures the cleanliness of your water system giving you peace of mind

EndoSan, silver hydrogen peroxide, is a safe, simple way to proportional dose your water system.

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Beer Line Cleaning Products

Reducing beer wastage and your line cleaning costs

Flip keeps your beer lines sterile and bacteria free ensuring your product tastes great

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Disinfectant for Spa Pools

Improves your Spa experience with an alcohol and chlorine free disinfectant.

EndoSan 5 is a single product disinfectant that can be directly added to your spa.

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Descaler and disinfectant range

Removes scale and prevents bacteria

SAFESOL DD products are based on EndoSan and a mineral acid so great for disinfection of showers and TMVs in hard water areas

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Odour Removers

Breakdown, remove and prevent odours throughout your home or business.

They have been specifically formulated to remove noxious smells including pets smells, urine and vomit.

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Peroxide Testing Equipment

Simple and easy-to-use measuring devices to check peroxide levels in your water

Test kits to measure peroxide levels in water

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Hospital and Biotechnology disinfectant

Disinfectant specifically developed for surface disinfection for hospitals and the biotechnology industry.

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Customer testimonials ...

“EndoTherm was installed into a low-secure inpatient service in South Wales. Within days the temperature in the home had noticeably increased… our maintenance department had to lower the setting on the boiler to compensate! At the end of the month our gas consumption was 15.6% lower than the same month last year!”

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