Showerhead Disinfection and Descale

Showers are a main part of our daily routine, but how often do you actually disinfect yours?

Showers operate at warm temperatures and produce an aerosol. This creates the perfect conditions for breeding and disseminating legionella bacteria. This is why showers are a high risk part of a water system. Showerhead disinfection is important to ensure that shower heads and hoses are kept clean and free from bacteria and scale.

Recent U.S. government figures for 2011-2012 show 14 people have died from legionnaires’ outbreaks linked to potable water- showers being the most likely cause.

HSG 274 Part 2 advises that cleaning, descaling and disinfection of showers and hoses should be carried out on a quarterly basis. This is in order to prevent bacteria breeding in shower heads and hoses.

 Shower disinfection and Huwa-San Technology

So how does this all fit in with Huwa-San? Firstly, Huwa-San is a great disinfectant for the disinfection of showerheads and hoses. It allows all biofilm to be removed from the hose and head.

On a site I recently attended there were positive legionella counts from a shower. This was despite the shower being fitted with a legionella filter head which was changed regularly.

The legionella counts were due to the fact shower hoses were not being disinfected. I disinfected the hose with Huwa-San 3 which successfully removed the biofilm. After that there were no legionella counts from the shower in question.

Emergency Showers

Huwa-San also effectively doses the tanks that supply emergency showers. Emergency showers have a holding tank where water is kept around body temperature. 37C  is the perfect temperature for breeding bacteria. Dosing these tanks with Huwa-San prevents bacteria multiplying in the warm environments. This means if there is an accident on site the water will be part of the solution not an additional problem.

Practical Disinfection of showers and hoses

To disinfect your shower head all you need is Huwa-San and a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, adding in the appropriate amount of Huwa-San. Then place shower head and hose in to the bucket and leave to soak for 1 hour. Without the need to rinse afterwards, Huwa-San3 is quick and fuss free!

Sometimes removing the shower head can’t always be done. That why Huwa-San3 is also available in a spray bottle. Just use the undiluted spray to cover the shower head in Huwa-San and leave for at least 15 minutes before use.

Please note for hard water areas we also have SAFESOL DD1 for showerhead descale and disinfection. This is Huwa-San with a descaler already added. Please see our DD1 help sheet. SAFESOL DD1 Disinfection of Shower Heads.pdf

 Help is at hand

SAFESOL isn’t just a shop selling disinfection chemical solutions; we’re the chemists who actually create the solutions. For more information about which Huwa-San product is suitable for you, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

We can be contacted by phone on 0191 447 8008, via email or on our contact page.