Huwa-San, silver hydrogen peroxide is the most advanced stabilised silver hydrogen peroxide product on the market.  It has been used for over 15 years in the UK for legionella control and disinfection. Our customers find Huwa-San simple to use and easy to apply. In addition, physical and lab results show it effectively cleans water systems and removes biofilm. It is also less expensive than chlorine in terms of time and ease of use. (The cost reduction is 35%)

An effective disinfectant for legionella control must do three things:

  1. It must be effective against Planktonic (free swimming legionella) – It must kill legionella quickly.
  2. The disinfectant must remove and treat the biofilm that shields the legionella from bulk water disinfection
  3. It must also destroy the amoebae and their cysts.  Amoebae graze the surface of the biofilm and feed off the legionella bacteria. The legionella bacteria  then multiply unchecked within the amoebae until it bursts. This adds additional bacteria to the system.


Studies show that legionella and other bacteria trapped in a biofilm are 3000 times harder to remove than free swimming bacteria. Therefore an effective disinfectant must remove and treat the biofilm. It is important to remove the biofilm as it shields legionella bacteria from bulk water disinfection. In tests carried out by VITO / PIDPA, in Belgium, Huwa-San Technology successfully removed biofilm.

It must be noted that while chlorination removes the top layer of biofilm in water systems it does not penetrate the depths of the biofilm. This allows the biofilm to regenerate quickly.


Huwa-San disinfection is simple and easy to carry out. It is a single chemical disinfection. Huwa-San does not need to be neutralised at disinfection levels up to 1000ppm peroxide.  The chemicals in solution are simply discharged to drain (unless discharge is into a river or septic tank). After physical cleaning the tank is  either sprayed with a 3% solution of Huwa-San (tank disinfection only) or dosed to 200ppm Huwa-San (100ppm peroxide) for water system disinfection. In comparison when chlorinating tanks and water systems the water must be neutralised using sodium thiosulphate or equivalent. This adds an additional step to the disinfection process.


The cost of any disinfection depends on the amount of time spent on site. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection saves one draining and emptying of the water storage tank which saves hours on any disinfection job.

There are other time savings as silver peroxide is very stable (up to 950 C) and is therefore suitable for disinfecting calorifiers operating at 60 0C. Calorifiers have to be switched off to allow a chlorine or disinfection as these chemicals will vent off at operating temperatures.

Chlorine disinfection also depends on the pH of a system and in some cases additional chlorine will have to be added or pH corrected to ensure disinfection is effective.


Huwa-San, silver hydrogen peroxide, breaks down to environmentally friendly oxygen and water. The disinfection level of 200ppm Huwa-San (100ppm peroxide) is safe for washing and drinking. In comparison where system water is dosed with chlorine to disinfection levels (50ppm )it must be taken out of service. Chlorine also forms cancerous by-products, tri halo methane’s (THM).


If you are looking for a safe cost effective method of disinfection Huwa-San ticks all the boxes.

  1. It kills legionella and also other water borne bacteria
  2.  Huwa-San in addition, will remove the biofilm where legionella can multiply unchecked,
  3. The process saves time and money and also does not need to be neutralised.

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  1. [1] Gommers K. (Vito), Huysman K. (PIDPA). Evaluation of Huwa-San TR50 for the removal of Biofilm
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