Getting ready for the summer

It’s that time of year again when Summer is on its way and we are starting to think about getting our caravans and boats ready for the season. We will be giving all the interior furniture a really good clean while hosing and polishing the outside to make it really sparkle.
We pay lots of attention to the things that we can see but maybe we don’t give quite as much attention to the things we don’t. I wonder how many people think about cleaning their water system after the winter when it has not been used?

Bacteria in Caravan and Boat Water Systems

When water is not used it can become stagnant and this can lead to Legionella and other bacteria forming in the water. When Legionella bacteria is below 20°C it does not multiply but as warms up it can rapidly increase in numbers. This can become a problem if this water is then released as an aerosol, through a shower for example. The best way to prevent this problem is to give your water system a spring clean too.

SafeSol’s Environmentally Friendly Solution

SafeSol have a simple solution for disinfecting your cold water storage tank or shower on in your mobile home. Use our Huwa-San TR3 starter pack for disinfection of your cold water tank. It is a simple and safe process that will ensure your water is clean and bacteria free. Alternatively, if you need to disinfect showerheads you can use DD1 or Huwa-San TR3 depending if you are in a hard or soft water area.
Huwa-San, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, unlike chlorine based products, is effective for removing biofilm where the majority of bacteria live. It also kills bacteria, moulds and fungi.
Best off all its breakdown products are oxygen and water making it safer for the environment. It is also has not odour or taste.

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