Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning

We have recently started selling Hydrogen Peroxide and as with all our products we like to try them out. At the weekend I cleaned my bathroom with  3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner. When you open the bottle it is a very pale blue liquid but what you notice most of all is that there is no smell. Unlike chlorine based bleach hydrogen peroxide is completely smell free.  Another benefit is that I only used one product for cleaning tiles, glass, bathroom fittings and the toilet. It cut down the cleaning products used from 3 to 1.

Other uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in your bathroom include sprucing up your grout- simply mix bicarbonate of soda with hydrogen peroxide creating a paste and apply with a toothbrush for 10-15 minutes then rinse off. Hydrogen Peroxide is great for cleaning soap scum and mildew from your shower curtain too.

Through out the home there as so many uses for 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner. We have included a few below.

Hydrogen Peroxide In the Kitchen

In the kitchen it can be used for washing meat and fish before cooking and also to help prolong the life of fruit and veg before storing.  It’s great for wiping down work surfaces and chopping boards. It is also ideal for cleaning inside fridges and microwaves and for soaking your cleaning cloths and sponges. The Hydrogen Peroxide will kill bacteria on the surfaces which helps to prevent food spoilage. Why not give your reusable shopping bags a quick spray or wipe down with Hydrogen Peroxide to remove any germs and to disinfect them as well as helping to eliminate any lingering food smells? It can also be used in your wash to remove stubborn stains including deodorant stains and blood.

Hydrogen Peroxide General Uses

It is great for cleaning mirrors and windows around the home. Simply spray on and wipe off with a paper towel for a streak free finish.

A Little Bit of Background Info

Hydrogen Peroxide is a molecule composed of Hydrogen and water. It has the chemical formula H2O2 and takes the form of a very pale blue, clear liquid which is slightly more viscous than water. It has a great many uses around the home as a disinfectant. It will also kill moulds and viruses too. It is a safer alternative to chlorine and other household cleaners as it will not cause irritation to your lungs.

These are just a few of the many different uses for 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Household Cleaner around your home, which is why SafeSol have introduced Hydrogen Peroxide to their range as a household disinfectant. It is available in 3 different sizes 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5ltr.

We also have also created number of help sheets for your use. These are in PDF form so are easily downloadable.

Please see below:

SafeSol Helpsheet Hydrogen Peroxide-Cleaning

SafeSol Helpsheet Hydrogen Peroxide-Laundry

SafeSol Helpsheet Hydrogen Peroxide-Food Preparation

Please note Hydrogen Peroxide is not suitable for legionella control work