Lockdown Legionella Control

While lots of people are preoccupied by how long SSHP lasts on surfaces we take a look at keeping building water legionella free during lockdown.

If Huwa-San silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide were added to a cold water storage tank, pulled through the calorific right and all the pipe work, it would be there several weeks later. It would not be present at outlets, so these should be flushed through every month and the system topped up.

The protocol would be:

  1.  Clean tank if it really needs it
  2. Add 500 ppm hydrogen peroxide as Huwa-San and draw to all hot and cold outlets.
  3. Flush outlets every month and determine the peroxide level.
  4. Top up to 500 ppm
  5. Flush out when building restarts.

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