How This Is Eco eliminated bad odours with SafeSol’s Checkmate

This Is Eco is a recycling and energy company based in Dorset. Specialising in eco landscaping products, recycling and energy, they were experiencing some serious odour issues when they approached SafeSol for help.

How SafeSol’s clever chemical Checkmate stopped a stink for This Is Eco

Think recycling is a clean business? Think again.

This Is Eco have been in business for over 25 years and recycling is at the heart of everything they do. They process over 250,000 tons of organic waste every year and create a wide range of eco composts that are popular with gardeners and landscapers. They process green, food and wood waste, as well as soils.

On top of all that, they also operate a street sweeping plant – and that’s the side of their business that needed SafeSol’s help.

This Is Eco’s street sweeping plant processes gully and street sweeping waste and turns it into things like sand, compost, and water that is suitable for reuse. It also picks up plastic packaging that’s contaminated with organic material. The plastic sits in holding bays and creates a sour and putrid smell that is very unpleasant for staff and contractors.

Why This Is Eco came to SafeSol for help

Here at SafeSol, we sell a wide range of clever chemicals that can help businesses and other organisations in lots of different ways. This Is Eco were interested in one chemical in particular: Checkmate.

Unlike other chemicals which merely mask unpleasant odours, Checkmate is an enzyme-based odour eliminator that breaks down bad smells and destroys them. Our customers use it to remove the very worst of smells in underpasses, public toilets, pubs, nightclubs, care homes, and even at home. It’s also a very gentle chemical, so it can be used across a wide variety of surfaces including carpets, soft furnishings, tiles, grout, fake grass, and more.

But it had never been used in a recycling plant, so SafeSol offered This Is Eco the opportunity to test Checkmate’s effectiveness before they made a larger purchase.

What happened when This Is Eco used SafeSol’s Checkmate

This Is Eco started putting Checkmate to good use as soon as they received it. Checkmate is incredibly easy to apply, and they sprayed their contaminated packaging directly with Checkmate using a pressure sprayer.

The result? Checkmate vastly reduced the odours being emitted from the plastic waste. It resulted in a major improvement in the smell at the recycling plant and a huge improvement in working conditions for contractors and employees. The trial was a success!

This Is Eco immediately ordered more Checkmate, this time in its concentrated form. They planned to use Checkmate in significant quantities to keep their recycling plant odour-free and the concentrated formulation was a more cost-effective option.

Edward Johnson, AD manager at This Is Eco, said: “SafeSol are easy to work with, very helpful and proactive. I would recommend Checkmate to other users.”

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