Showerhead Disinfection and Descaling

Recently I had a phone call from a water treatment consultant working within the NHS. Some of the hospitals he is providing advice to are having problems with their current showerhead all in one disinfectant and descaler. He was looking for an alternative. Their current product was corroding the shower head fittings leading to legionella bacteria breeding behind the corrosion products.

I explained to him about our DD1 disinfectant and descaler product for showerheads and hoses. DD1 is disinfectant and descaler product that is based on Huwa-San plus a small amount of mineral acid. It has the power of Huwa-San to kill legionella bacteria however the mild acid is kind to the material of construction of the showerhead while removing the scale.

Why it is important to disinfect and descale your shower heads?

Legionella control and showerheads

As showerheads are an aerosol generator they have the potential to create a fine mist that can disperse legionella bacteria. In hard water areas scale will also block nozzles on showers creating a shelter for legionella bacteria where it can breed. To keep customers, staff and patients safe it is extremely important that showerheads and hoses are cleaned and descaled at least quarterly. The responsible person must ensure that this obligation is fulfilled to prevent prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work act. Cleaning showers allows companies to comply with the Health and Safety executives’ guidance “The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems HSG 274 Part 2“. Our DD1 product is ideal for showerhead disinfection and descaling.

The main issues with showers are:

The issues with showerheads

  • Showers create an aerosol, staff, members of the public and patients can inhale the fine mist which can enter the lungs.
  • Showers are often supplied by mixer valves, mixer valves have a high surface area and are generally manufactured in plastic and therefore allow biofilm growth (a biofilm is a complex matrix of bacteria including legionella which are covered in a sticky layer of polysaccharide).
  • Shower hoses can be a breeding ground for a biofilm slime.
  • They are often a terminal point (last outlet on a run) in a system and can become little used.
  • Shower fittings can corrode which is a food source for legionella bacteria.
  • Scale build up can allow legionella bacteria to breed.

Testing Carried out on DD1 Disinfectant and Descaler

Non corrosive nature of product

We have ran tests on our DD1 product for our customers. This involved soaking one of the showerheads that that they manufacture in DD1 for a period of time. Initially we ran the test using 1000ppm of peroxide- 2000ppm of product. The showerhead was left to soak for over a week. After this time there was no damage to the showerhead metals or other materials.

The next test involved soaking the showerhead in neat DD1. Again we left the showerhead for a week. In this case we did notice a small amount of corrosion around the screw fitting of the shower. This test was extreme as in reality the longest that DD1 would be 15 minutes prior to rinsing off.

Prevent Legionella Bacteria and scale build up

A simple process

It is really important  that when ensuring the safety of patients, staff and members of the public that you use an effective chemical disinfectant and descaler, this will ensure the cleanliness of your showers. In hospitals and commercial buildings there will be hundreds of showers therefore a single chemical product (SafeSol’s DD1) will make the process of cleaning and descaling showerheads much easier.

Simple and easy to use, simply add the DD1 to water, leave the showerheads and hoses to steep for an hour, rinse and replace.

The job can be simply and easily carried out at any point during the day.

The disinfectant and descaler DD1 is safe for your staff to handle and minimal PPE would be needed.

It is kind to chrome, plastic and rubber seals and it won’t damage showers with long term use.

DD1 will remove biofilm where the majority of bacteria including legionella and pseudomonas live making showers safer for your students.

DD1 Disinfectant and descaler is currently available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers. We offer trade discount on volume orders. Please do not hesitate to contact SafeSol if you wish to discuss further.

SafeSol have worked with Huwa-San technology for over 20 years and have more than 75 years experience in water treatment. We are happy to help with any queries and provide technical support .

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