No use crying over spilt milk

Odour Elimination

I was having a cuppa with a friend last week, and we were just chatting about cleaning- well really moaning about housework when she started telling me about a specific issue that she was having.

The Problem

Jane had bought a 2 litre carton of milk and it had leaked over her front car seat. She had tried all sorts of disinfectant and chemicals to remove it. Often she thought she had the problem solved but on a warm day the awful smell of sour milk would return. The smell of stale, sour milk has to be one of the worst smells in the world. It was even causing the kids to feel sick in the car.

The Solution

I explained that what she needed was an enzyme based chemical and SafeSol has the best one on the market. The amazing Checkmate

The next few paragraphs explain how Checkmate works.

Jane tried the Checkmate and after 2 applications the smell of sour milk was no more. Checkmate 1 Milk 0.

Jane said “this product works like magic”.

What are Enzymes?

Enzyme: A biological catalyst to break down odours.

The dictionary definition of an enzymes is

a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.
In the case of Checkmate, enzyme based stain and odour eliminator, it works with a dual action.
  1. ) It is a fast acting neutraliser that binds to odours preventing them becoming vapours and reaching your nose.
  2. ) Billions of microbes consume the odours and break them down to odourless carbon dioxide and water.
The Checkmate completely eliminates the smell by breaking it down and  in addition it also has a fresh and clean odour.

Checkmate Laboratory Testing:

Checkmate has been tested against various different compounds that create smells.

It has been found to work extremely well on the following nasty niffs:

Rotten eggs and sewage: These odours caused by the chemical compound hydrogen sulphide

The odour of babies urine: This is caused by ammonia

Fish can create an awful smell: This is caused by Dimethyl and trimethyl amine.

As you can see it is works on some of the most awful and toughest smells.

The Practical Uses of Checkmate

Practical applications and uses of Checkmate

Throughout our working and personal lives we come across all sorts of nasty niffs and it is important to deal with these to make life more pleasant and enjoyable. Checkmate has helped with the following:

  • It has removed the smell of urine from a train where the toilet had leaked into a gully under the floor. There was no way to access the gully so Checkmate was poured into this area and this prevented the smell of urine reaching the driver.
  • Smells of urine have been removed from carpets where potty training kids have had a wee on the floor.
  • We have customers who use it in Care homes to remove the smell of urine. The care home residents and their visitors have loved how much fresher rooms smell.
  • It has been used in a recycling village to get rid of the smell of rotting food and allow the operative to work in a better environment.

How to use Checkmate Successfully


Checkmate is simple and easy to use. The main thing to note is that to completely remove the smell the whole area has to be soaked in the magical enzyme.

Firstly any solids should be removed and then the worst of the mess bloated away.

Then the area should be sprayed/soaked with the Checkmate solution. The Checkmate is suitable for all types of areas. It can be used on soft furniture, carpets and also outside in rubbish bins.

Checkmate is an enzyme based stain and odour eliminator and is currently available in a 750ml spray and a 5 litre containers. We offer trade discount on volume orders. Please do not hesitate to contact SafeSol if you wish to discuss further.

SafeSol have worked with Huwa-San technology for over 20 years and have more than 75 years experience in water treatment. We are happy to help with any queries and provide technical support .

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