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Huwa-San TR50 – The Constant Dose Disinfectant

Huwa-San TR50 is used as a constant dose disinfectant for a wide variety of industries:

  • Airports
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Train Companies
  • Schools
  • Hotels

… you get the idea.
Big organisations and high-occupancy buildings with large numbers of people to look after

Here’s why Huwa-San TR50 is trusted by so many

Huwa-San TR50, the constant dose disinfectant delivers a single chemical solution for constant dosing which makes it simple to dose and control. It is automatically dosed to the mains water using a specifically designed system.
It’s simple.
In a recent review of the legionella guidance for hot and cold systems HSG 274 Part 2, silver hydrogen peroxide products were recognised as being an incredibly useful tool for legionella control. Huwa-San TR50 is the best of these products for large buildings because it is the most stable hydrogen peroxide on the market.

“A silver hydrogen peroxide solution is injected directly into the water system and, if applied and maintained according to the manufacturers’ instructions, can be an effective means of legionella control.”

It’s not complicated, but you may need a short survey completing before you make any decisions.
So, drop SAFESOL a line and  we will help you.

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