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5 Things that Huwa-San Kills

Introduction Water is a great resource but one that we can easily take for granted. We turn on our taps and expect to get healthy, whole water and in most cases we do. However, water, even after it has been treated by the water companies can still contain a small number of bacteria. This bacteria, […]

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Hotels- It’s time to think about shower cleanliness

Travelling We all travel a lot in our lives and stay in different types of accommodation such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravans and even tents. My accommodation doesn’t have to be posh but it does have to be clean. Since I have been involved in legionella control for several years one of the things […]

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Hydrogen Peroxide and Hospital Dialysis Units

Background Our technical director Bob Wilson recently had an article published in the Waterline, the journal of the Water Management Society. It was about the use of hydrogen peroxide for the disinfection of hospital water systems. It provides information on the serious consequences that can occur when hydrogen peroxide or indeed any oxidising chemical enters […]

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HuwaSan Constant Dosing Microbiological Control and Energy Savings

Outdoor Activity Centre Case Study Background An outdoor activity centre had showers that were fed from a boosted hot and cold water system. The hot and cold systems were blended together by two centralised mixer valves. These each fed two banks of three showers and six single showers over two floors. There were difficulties achieving […]

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Train Water Disinfection

Train Water Disinfection: Legionella in Train Water Systems In 2011 it was revealed that as many as one in three trains on Britain’s rail network may have their water tanks infected with legionella bacteria. To date there has never been a case of Legionnaires’ disease associated with trains however it may only a matter of […]